Price Increase on “Furlaby”

Hi all – unfortunately there were increases in production costs over at, so I was forced to raise the price of “Furlaby’s Unexpected Catch” from $5.99 to the new price of $6.99. It’s the nature of the business, however I try my best to keep costs reasonable and want to be honest and up front about occurrences such as this.

“Furlaby’s Unexpected Catch” Title Page is Now Live!

Click here! It can be found on, and more as the weeks go by!

I also updated the “Book” tab to include the listing there. Changing the word “Book” to “Books” brought me more pleasure than it probably should have. 😉

“Furlaby” Book Releasing Soon!

Good News! Although I hit a whole bunch more snags, I found a publisher/printing company that I’m both happy with and offers my needs – I have to say if anyone is considering releasing a children’s book this is really the only logical choice when it comes to quality and price point.

I should apologize for such a late update. The holidays are upon us and we all get incredibly busy at this time of course. I indeed do have the proof copy in my hands and it is way better than the previous competitors I tried. As soon as the book is live in the market and distribution channels I will post an update and create a book page with links/information hopefully sometime soon.