Short Musings: Quotes

Resistance is Key

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something.”

– Winston Churchill

This quote has always resonated with me since I first heard it. It’s a valuable lesson that is so unfortunately forgotten and ignored. Another variation I once heard somewhere is “if you’re not making enemies, than you’re doing it wrong.” Though, the use of the term ‘enemy’ doesn’t have to just apply to the core sense of the word as in hatred. It can be any adversary or someone who strictly stands against you. Continue Reading…

Creative Quotes

“Things don’t happen for a reason, things give you reasons to make things happen.”

Ever read those famous quotes and one liners and wish you thought of it? Ever try to come up with one yourself? Sometimes they are so obvious and simple you wonder why its not more common for other people to think of and why so many people fail to follow these obvious truths? This quote is my contribution. It’s something I always believed in but never had the words to describe it until it came to me one day. It wasn’t until my irkness over the subject hit it’s limit that I was finally able to comprehend and express it simply. Continue Reading…