Take Back Home is available to order on Amazon.com in both eBook and paperback editions. Additionally, I’m happy to currently offer the eBook edition free with paperback edition purchase! (Unfortunately, this offer is for Amazon only) You may also read this title for free with Kindle Unlimited.

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Additionally, the paperback edition can be found directly from my Createspace.com eStore.

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Genre: Fiction – Thrillers & Suspense, Legal Thriller, Contemporary, Political, Literary
eBook Preview: via Goodreads Paperback Preview: via Amazon
The first book from a new author comes a thought provoking story, set upon the backdrop of true events that offers and explores an idea to a major, modern day problem.

All across America, mass shootings and massacres constantly inundate the news faster than they are finished being mourned. As debates and a waging war over gun control intensifies, a man’s resolve culminates as he faces conviction of a crime in one of the most publicly covered and well known trials in years.

This ordinary man full of unordinary ideas finds a middle ground, a solution to the gun violence, in the creation of the Civilian Protection Association of America. Much like a neighborhood watch, but extending far beyond a single community, the CPAA helps give civilians and innocents back the peace of mind that was taken from them as members act as extra eyes and ears to the police. Lightly armed, these members increase the chances of someone being in the right place at the right time to help defend against another unpredictable attack. Citizens deserve the right to be able to protect themselves, their friends and family, and their way of life. While this man’s goals are righteous, his means are described as controversial.

Just a bit over a year after its initial start, disaster strikes this once optimistic plan. Can the man who started it all, who now stands on trial facing the end of the CPAA prove his innocence or has his judgment been clouded and blinded him to the truth?

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